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In 1985 Spectrum 48k, Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64 dominated the market of personal computers. Then Commodore launched its Amiga 1000 in the Lincon Center, New York. With impressive features for its time, 68000 16-bit processor at 7 mhz, 256 kb of RAM, 4096 colors at once, pre-emptive multitasking OS. Amiga 500 came two years later, a low-end Amiga that had a great influence in Europe.

Time has passed, and now Amiga isn't in his best age, Amiga community is small but still alive. You can still buy a new Amiga motherboards or refurbished Commodore Amiga 1200 on Amiga shops, even this model isn't produced since 1994. The Amiga 1200 was the most expandable Amiga models. This model is one of the best options for a retrogamer.


Site news:


Back to the 80's 64kb intro for Amiga.

28 April 2020

Final version of Back to the 80's presented at Revision 2020

Back to the 80's

Amiga Game Engine, source released.

28 Feb 2018

Game engine source code, system friendly and binary complatible for classic Amiga and MorphOS. Available in Code section.


News section updated.

8 Feb 2018

News section is updated with a news aggregator that compiles news from ten news sources of Amiga computers.


Added Amiga emulator for demos.

8 Feb 2018

Added an Amiga emulator to run demos directly in your browser, first succesfully test with Batman Vuelve demo.


Guide to develop 4k intros for MorphOS

8 Feb 2018

Added a three parts guide to develop 4k intros for MorphOS, statup code, graphics code, audio code, virtual machine code, and the intro itself, it's available on Code area.


UAE4All, Anaglyph 3D and Overw8-bits final version released

6 Aug 2014

A new version of UA4All was released, with several bug fixed and new features and Anaglyph 3D is a tool to create stereoscopic images, both available on Bytes area.

Final version of Overw8-bits 4k intro is available on Code area.


Added Links section.

6 June 2014

Interesting webs of Amiga spanish users.


Bit a Bit TV Shows added.

5 June 2014

"Bit a Bit" was a spanish public television show from the mid 90's. Check out these tv shows here:

Bit a Bit

AmigaSkool.net site redesigned.

24 May 2014

New AmigaSkool.net design using Get Simple CMS, easy to update, less work for me...


Overw8-bits 4k intro released.

21 May 2014

Overw8-bits is my new 4k intro for MorphOS systems, is a tribute to the 8-bits gold age (Source code included). You can download here:


UAE4All 0.31 rc3

11 Oct 2012

A new release of the MorphOS port of UAE4All, Fame cpu emulation core is working finally, a MUI interface was added to control UAE4All from Ambient. You can download here:

UAE4All 0.31 rc3 ยท Source