Amiga Collection

New Amiga Systems

  • Mac Mini 1.5Ghz and 1Gb of RAM with MorhpOS 3.5.
    ATI Radeon 9200 with 64Mb.
    120Gb Western digital 2.5" Hard Disk.
  • Efika 5200B@400Mhz and 128Mb of RAM with MorhpOS 3.5.
    ATI Radeon 9200P with 64Mb.
    80Gb 2.5" Hard Disk.

Amiga Classic

  • Amiga 1200 Commodore Tower with AmigaOS 3.9.
    Blizzard BPPC 060/603e@240mhz with 96Mb RAM.
    Mediator 1200 (Broken), Voodoo3, SoundBlaster, Network card, TV card.
    40Gb 3.5" Harddisk with Yamaha IDE-SCSI adaptor and IDEfix Express for DVD Burner.
  • Amiga 600 with AmigaOS 3.1.
    ACA 630@25mhz and 32mb of Fast Ram.
    2Mb Ram Chip Expansion.
    4Gb Compact Flash to 2.5" IDE adaptor.
  • Amiga CD32 Game console.
  • Amiga 500 with AmigaOS 1.3.
    Amiga SupraDrive 20mb.
    Amiga SupraRam.
    ActionReplay, Genlock, Samplers, and more...