Spanish Amiga Demoscene Archive

Spanish Amiga demoscene was very prolific although it was not so well known outside of Spain, for this reason I decided to host some of the best productions of the Spanish scene for Amiga computers.

Demos Intros
1995 · ECS · Batman Vuelve / Batmap Group
1995 · AGA · El ocaso del payaso / Goblins
1997 · AGA · UFO / Ozone & LLFB
1997 · ECS · Genesis / LLFB
1999 · AGA · Smoke Bomb / Ozone
1994 · ECS · In Progress / Darkness
1996 · AGA · La hortaliza advenediza / Goblins
1996 · ECS · MD4I / Centolos
Unknown · ECS · Cuaz Intro


Bit a Bit TV Show


"Bit a Bit" was a spanish public television show from the mid 90's, although the main content of this show were videogames, it was one of the first spanish TV shows that shared the demoscene culture. I had recorded some shows on a VHS tape, you can view these shows here:

Bit a Bit TV Show