Amiga Game Engine, source code released.

Game engine source code, system friendly and binary complatible for classic Amiga and MorphOS.

Amiga Game Engine github.

Guide to develop 4k Intros for MorphOS.

This is a three parts guide to develop 4k intros for MorphOS, statup code, graphics code, audio code, virtual machine code, and the intro itself.

Guide to develop 4k Intros for MorphOS.

Overw8-bits 4k.

Overw8-bits is my new 4k intro for MorphOS systems, is a tribute to the 8-bits gold age (Source code included). Final version released. You can download here:

4k Intro for MorphOS · Overw8-bits

Pouet Entry · Overw8-bits

DevPac 2.15

Here you will find a custom version of DevPac 2.15 published for free on Amiga Format magazine. DevPac is a great assembler, i use for coding. Although this isn't the last version, DevPac 2.15 was published on Amiga Format cover disk 39. I made this version with my Workbench Replacement Disk using free tools from Aminet. My rotozoom source codes are included also.

DevPac v2.15 AF with Workbench Replacement Disk · ADF · Hardfile

Rotozoom Chunky2Planar

This is one of my asm codes, it is an small Startup code with chunky to planar Kalms code at 160x200 (2x1 pixel size), and my rotozoom code adapted from my first version that was a Chunky copper rotozoom, this new version have a NoiseTracker routine with my Chip 'Em Up mod. You can try the Chunky copper version also.

Rotozoom Chunky to planar · 68k asm

Rotozoom Chunky2Copper

This one is my first demoscene effect done in assembler, on the Amiga gold age i used other languages to make games, apps, and intros, but never used assembler, it is a simple chunky rotozoom on a copper list, it have a pixel definition of 8x8 and works on OCS chipset.

Rotozoom Chunky Copper · 68k asm